Perennial Landscape Services

Create your own perfect outdoor living area from start to finish with our complete landscape design and landscape construction services!

Services include:

- Stone Walls, retaining walls and masonry
- Landscape lighting
- Patios and walkways — all types
- New lawns, grass seeding and sod installation
- New plantings
- Waterfalls, sprinkler systems and ponds
- Fencing
- Plant and shrub installation
- Bobcat work and grading
- Pruning trees and hedge trimming
- Spring clean-ups and Fall clean-ups
- Lawn mowing
- Full service all-season maintenance for lawns and gardens
- And much more!

Please note: When we start your project we will be on-site until the job is 100% complete!

Sample Lawncare Maintenance Program

March/April — Spring clean up, thatch lawn, install mulch,
re-edge beds and remove all debris.

July/August — Prune and trim all shrubs and hedges. Weed all existing planting beds.

September — Aerate lawn and mowing.

October/November — Fall clean up, rake leaves and remove all debris. One clean up to be done mid to late October, two clean-ups in November, weather permitting. Lawn Mowing — Once a week, including trimming and blow down of all walks, walkways, edges and appropriate areas. (4 cuts per month, 5th is additional) Weeding — Available on a monthly or as needed basis.  

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"Perennial integrity and the results it produces makes Bob, the crew and the company landscaping stars."
—Nancy, Winchester