Perennial Landscape Elite Estate Program

Perennial Landscape Corporation can revitalize your entire garden, lawn and patio or repair any large or small problem areas. Our pruning experts can also reshape and rejuvenate overgrown perennials, trees or shrubs. With our proper pruning techniques we will keep your gardens in proportion.

- Garden and tree installation design and maintenance
- Deadheading, pinching and containers
- Annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs
- Mulching
- Proper lawn mowing technique
- Outdoor lighting, ponds and pond maintenance

We will enhance your outdoor property so you can make your own personal statement. Perennial Landscape Corporation can be your one stop gardening and landscaping solution. We have the knowledge and equipment to manage all of your gardening needs.

Sun or shade — we know which plants work best for each and every corner of your property.

Patio pots — Perennial Landscape Corporation will create and maintain all of your patio pots, window boxes and containers. We will give you beautiful flower and plant displays year round, evergreens in the winter, spring and summer blooms for lasting color all season long.

Elite Estate Maintenance — Our maintenance specialists are certified in their areas of expertise. We practice sound horticulture care with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), lawn, garden care, and proper pruning techniques. We will create a special customized garden to suit your property and your taste.

Sample Elite Estate Maintenance Program

March/April — Complete clean up, remove snow protectors, burlap and stakes and store in dry place until the winter. Tie up and straighten branches. Cut back, trim and prune all leftover plants. Clean out all winter interest patio pots (if present). Bring out of storage, prepare and set up all other window boxes, patio pots and containers. The appropriate measures will be taken for each perennial and shrub from winter dormancy. Re-edge all garden beds, any or all window boxes, patio pots and containers with annuals that the customer has approved of. If the property has a compost pile Perennial Landscape Corporation will rotate and turn over and spread on the garden beds. If there is no compost pile all debris will be removed from the property. Open all ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Readjust outdoor lights and replace burnt out bulbs.

May/June/July/Aug/Sept — Every week we will check for insects and diseases on plants and annuals, everything will be analyzed and diagnosed. All appropriate measures will be taken immediately and watched closely. Set up grow thru hoops, stake, tie up, dead head, prune, cut back and pinch all plants, annuals, small trees and shrubs. Replace patio pots with fresh summer annuals/perennials. Weed, spruce up mulch; keep a fresh edge to the beds. Compost, if there is a compost pile it will be turned over and all usable material will be spread on garden beds, all debris will be removed from the property. Water features will be checked and cared for. Outdoor lights will be replaced as needed.

Oct/Nov — Replace patio pots with cold loving annuals/perennials. Clean up and store all other unneeded window boxes and/or patio pots. Prune and cut back all perennials and annuals. Remove grow thru hoops, stakes and ties and store for winter. Spread and apply appropriate fertilizers, spruce up mulch and freshen up garden bed edges. Spread grass seed where needed. Compost, if there is a compost pile it will be turned and useable compost will be utilized. Leaf removal will be on a weekly basis. Plants will get either snow covers or wrapped and sprayed for the long winter months. Water features will get broken down and winterized. Outdoor lights will get a final check.

*This is done in conjunction with the standard maintenance program. (See sample maintenance sheet)

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